Android App - Summer 2013

Smart Silent makes the silent mode better.

When the phone is in silent or vibrate mode and a person calls a few times in quick succession it is probably a call that you don't want to miss. Smart Silent identifies those important or emergency calls and lets the phone ring at full volume when that person calls. This also comes in quite handy to find a misplaced phone.


Academic Project - Spring 2008

Mobis is an effort to provide convergence in e-service by making information available on the mobile platform. It envisages the integration of services pertaining to citizens, visitors and municipal officials of the city and renders them at their fingertips.

  • City information
  • News and weather
  • Helplines
  • Lodge complaints
  • Property tax information
  • Tax collection and reporting
Academic Project - Summer 2009

An Open Source event/action manager for Android. Omnidroid allows users to set rules such as:

  • Reply with text "Busy" when phone is ringing
  • Set phone silent after midnight
  • Set phone loud after 9 AM
  • Turn off wifi when battery is low
Omnidroid supports events based on time, location or incoming phone number that allow creation of a variety of useful rules.

Academic Project - Spring 2007

An IVRS is an automated telephone information system that speaks to the caller with a combination of fixed voice menus and data extracted from databases in real-time.

The IVRS Studio allows users to design their own custom IVRS and host it on a computer equipped with a telephone modem using two separate tools: Design tool and a Server. A user can use the Design tool to create and modify the IVRS and save it as a single file, which can be hosted on the Server. Once the IVRS is live on the computer, the telephone line will act as an IVRS. This process comparable to creating/modifying a word document and printing it.

Academic Project - Fall 2006

Saru is a discussion platform designed for the specific needs of a University's colleges, departments, faculty members and students. It can be used for having discussions, conducting tests, making announcements and tracking students' progress. Saru intends to promote healthy competition, transparency in tests and collaboration among students.

Academic Project - Fall 2009

Prototypes of some of my game designs from Computer Games course at NYU by professor Ken Perlin.


  • Asteroids
  • Music Master (learning game: musical notes)
  • Gloo
  • Golden Deer
  • Martian Explorer (learning game: distance vs time relation)
The learning games are a part of Games for Learning Institute.