Mobile Information Services

Mobis is an award winning effort to provide convergence in e-service by making information available on the mobile platform. It envisages the integration of services pertaining to citizens, visitors and municipal officials of the city and renders them at their fingertips.


Academic Project - Spring 2008


Bhaskaracharya Institute For Space Applications and Geo-Informatics (BISAG) is a State level nodal agency to facilitate the use of spatial and geo-spatial technologies for the planning and developmental activities pertaining to Agriculture, Land and Water Resource Management, Wasteland/Watershed Development, Forestry, Disaster Management, Infrastructure and Education.


Current situation

The city municipal corporation maintains a website to give some of the above mentioned information. It has a lot of important information for the citizens but the website is not becoming popular among them because of poor reachability of websites/internet among the citizens.

A better solution

We took opinions from both the citizens and the government. Although accessing internet was a hurdle for most citizens, a wide range of citizens used mobile phones and if we could provide the above mentioned services on mobile platform, it could help both sides come closer.

Selected Alternative

Java Micro Edition(J2ME) :- The features of this solution alternative such as – platform Independence, widely supported on mobiles, better control on GUI, cost effectiveness, adaptability, open source and the support for Service Oriented Architecture were able to satisfy our design requirements fully. Java also provides a complete End-to-End solution.


Mobis has three parts:

  1. Database of information to be provided which is maintained by content managers.
  2. Web Service that exposes the underlying database.
  3. Mobile Client that connects to the web service.

City Information
News and weather
Public Property Tax Info
Personal Property Tax Info
City Officials - Recovery Agent
Tax Collection and Reporting


Awards and appreciation

I am very impressed. I have advised GIL (Gujarat Informatics Limited) to get these students in touch with GUDM (Gujarat Urban Development Mission) to see how we can do a pilot in one of the municipalities. Anita Kerwal, Gandhinagar
Secretary of Primary Education and I/c Secretary of Science & Technology, Government of Gujarat

Mobis bridges the gap between government and citizens since all the information related to city will be available on citizen’s mobile. Gujarat Samachar, Vadodara

Budding engineers display their software skills at college fest. Bashir Pathan The Indian Express



Paritosh Shukla
Project Scientist, BISAG
Harshal Shah
Lecturer, Gujarat University
Rutvij Shah | Sapan Patel | Gunja Patel