Interactive Voice Response System Studio

Academic Project - Spring 2007

“IVRS – An Interactive Voice Response System”, or simply IVR, is a technology that allows a person, typically a telephone caller, to select options from a voice menu and interact with the phone system. A pre-recorded voice prompt is played and the caller presses a number on a telephone keypad. Typically an IVR is used to get data extracted from databases in real-time over the phone.

Design tool: Create new IVRS

Open existing IVRS

Action - Go to menu

Tree view

Menu options

Main Menu with sub menus

Action - Play audio file

Main Menu with one sub menu and a play audio action.

IVRS Server

Open IVRS file

Activate IVRS

Incoming call accepted

Call disconnected after no activity

Another call accepted


IVRS was our semester project for course "Software Development". We visited a telephone exchange looking for ideas for our version of IVRS. On a large scale IVRS systems are run using a combination of expensive hardware and software combination. The hardware has multiple phone lines so that the IVRS can handle many incoming calls at once.

This configuration has certain shortcomings:


The IVR system we have designed addresses the above shortcomings in a way that:


IVRS Studio allows users to design their own custom IVRS and host it on a computer equipped with a telephone modem. This has two separate tools: Design tool and an IVRS Server (or Execution tool). A user can use the Design tool to create and modify the IVRS and save it as a single file, which can be opened in the Server and hosted. Once the IVRS is live on the computer, the telephone line will act as an IVRS. This process comparable to creating/modifying a word document and printing it.

Design Tool

The root menu of IVRS is called Main Menu. Main menu can have sub menus, and sub menus can have other sub menus. Menus can be assigned key events. Events can be go-to-a-menu or perform-an-action. Some of the actions can be - play audio, go to previous menu, jump to some other menu, call a number or hang up. Once user is satisfied with their IVRS, they can export the IVRS into a file. e.g. test.ivrs

Sample IVRS

Main Menu
entry  Action - Audio[welcome]
Action - Audio[menu instructions]
Menu A
Action - Audio[menu instructions]
Menu P
Action - Back
Action - Jump[Main Menu]
Menu Q
Action - Back
Action - Jump[Main Menu]
Action - Back
Action - Jump[Main Menu]
Menu B
Action - Call[operator]
Hang Up

IVRS Server

The server can open an ivrs file, activate an ivrs file or stop an active ivrs file. It also shows a console on the left to show some important events. An automatic timeout hangs up the line if there is no interaction for a specific amount of time.

Further Improvement


Microsoft VB v6.0 and Microsoft Telephony API v1.4


Rutvij Shah | Arpan Shah | Rasesh Shah | Kunal Kantawala